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Answer "How do I cut nails of my pet?"

How do I cut nails of my pet?

This "How do I cut nails of my pet?" answer was viewed by 4648 visitors.

Every dog owner wants their pet to be well-groomed, cheerful and felt good. It would seem: why would we talk about claw cutting then? However, well-cut nails – is the foundation of comfort for your dog.

Unfortunately, this process becomes a horror for the majority of dog owners. In these cases, they turn to the veterinarian or visit the salon for dogs. Some of them just stop paying attention to these necessary cares. Many people don't know how to do this properly, even though the whole procedure takes like 15 minutes.

Long claws can cause phalange disorders and various problems with the set of the paws. These problems make your dog significantly more vulnerable to wounds and injure, muscle distension, or even increase the chance of the development of arthritic changes in the limbs.

You should also remember about dewclaws – nails on them do not wear off when walking. If grown beyond the statutory length, they can bend inside and hurt dewclaw pads, causing a significant pain and opening the way for various infections.

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