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Answer "How do I deal with cough in dogs?"

How do I deal with cough in dogs?

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A cough – is a very important reflex mechanism in all the animals. A cough directly points at the problems with a respiratory or cardiovascular system. It may also be a consequence of a trauma or respiratory disease, so it requires an immediate call to the veterinarian. Here are the most common reasons of a cough in dogs:

• External compression of the airways.

• Liquids or foreign objects in the airways.

• Inflammatory diseases that produce sputum.

• Pulmonary edema.

• Worms.

In general, the cough may be a symptom of more than 50 diseases. Do not give any medication to your pet before the direct prescription from your veterinarian – you may make it worse. The doctor will ask about everything that happened before to understand the reason of a cough. In some cases, you will also have to talk with the surgeon, cardiologist, allergologist, and oncologist. The diagnostics may be a very hard process, which takes a lot of time. That is why the doctor prescribes symptomatic medications first to facilitate the overall health of your pet.

You have to remember that a cough – is only a symptom. So that is why you should understand the true reason of this problem to prevent the sickness itself. If a cough is not a consequence of any serious disease, you can just apply some kind of prophylactic treatment

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