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Answer "How do I deal with Urolithiasis in my dog?"

How do I deal with Urolithiasis in my dog?

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Urolithiasis in dogs has to be diagnosed in its early stages. If your pet follows the strict diet, the disease will easily go away without dealing any significant damage to your dog. These diseases are pretty common and can be easily recognized in their early stages. The dogs of middle age are the most vulnerable to this kind of diseases. This problem always follows the obesity, so the main aim for the owner – is to prevent his pet from getting weight.

Sterilized animals are also vulnerable. The feature of this operation means lowering of urination functions, which leads to problems with the genitourinary tract. The poorly balanced ration can also lead to obesity and urolithiasis.

The key factor of therapy success in these cases is to find a proper diagnosis. There is also a really popular method called catheterization – the operation when the urethra and bladder of the dog are cleared from the crystals and big rocky formations using a special catheter.

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