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Answer "Why should I train my dog?"

Why should I train my dog?

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Many owners try to justify the bad behavior of their pets with their own point of view, without taking the nature of the pet into account. That is why they encounter constant conflicts with teeth and nails of their pets. How can you explain your dog that it is not allowed to take any food from your table, or that your pet is not allowed to attack strangers on the street?

You can't because your dog does not understand what you are talking about. It can only react on your intonation, mood, mimics, and gestures. You can prevent your pet from doing something only by doing something but do not even try to talk to your dog. Many people think that if you have a dog, it has to love and protect you.

Do you want to have a smart and obedient animal? Train it and make it work. Your aim – is to make your dog follow all the rules. Our society is controlled by rules and laws, which dogs do not understand. Unfortunately, you can't just use your words to explain anything. All the actions of our pets are based on instincts. If it is hungry, it steals food. Are teeth itching? It chews everything it can reach. That is why the training is a must.

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