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Answer "Should I choose a crossbred dog?"

Should I choose a crossbred dog?

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First of all, let's talk about all the pros of buying a crossbred dog. However, you don't even have to buy it – crossbred dogs are easy to get for free. Their health is also their good side because crossbred dogs are always healthier than their purebred counterparts. Breeders pay too much of their attention to the appearance of purebred dogs, instead of their health.

One of the problems of having a crossbred dog – is your inability to predict its size and final appearance. You can know about the sizes of its parents, but they do not necessarily say about the size of their puppy. The best way to predict the size of the crossbred dog – is to look at its paws.

The second problem – is their character. When the breed is being carefully changed, breeders try to remove all the undesirable aspects of a character. However, you never know what kind of character your crossbred dog will get from its parents. For example, Toy-terrier crossbreeds are often pretty biting and aggressive towards children. If you will imagine the worst crossbred puppy from Toy Terrier – you will get nervous, hysterical, stubborn and capricious little dog. In its best case, this dog will be an inexhaustible source of cheerfulness, energy, and fun. It is really hard to predict.

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