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Answer "Companion dogs - how do they look like?"

Companion dogs - how do they look like?

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Companion dogs have appeared in different countries and at different times. These dogs have different origins, sizes, characters, and the color of their hair or its length. They do not guard the border, do not herd flocks and do not hunt. These dogs are just simple pets that do the simplest work that a dog could do – they are friends of man.

There are more than 160 breeds in the list of companion dogs. Here are the most popular companion dogs of nowadays: Spaniels, Setters, Terriers, Bulldogs, Labradors, Retriever, Dachshunds and many more.

Each of them is good and has its own amazing features, and even the smallest are incredibly smart, brave and loyal to their owners. Many of these dogs are great guards and nannies – they are always ready to protect their family members.

So, the companion dog has to be easy to look after, be controllable and trainable. It should not be aggressive towards other dogs and animals. This kind of dog has to understand, where its home is and do not require a big amount of physical exercise.

Companion dogs create a good atmosphere in our houses and bring a huge profit to us. Many people have no one to care for them, so the dogs are a great solution for them. They add another aim to our lives. They make us feel that there is someone, who constantly needs us and our care.

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