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Answer "Why do people dislike my dog?"

Why do people dislike my dog?

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Some people do not need any reason to hate animals, they just hate them and you have to accept it. Some other people become softer when they see that this animal does not cause any trouble. Let's try to figure it out, why some people dislike our pets.

• You do not clean after your dog. It is easy to understand: if your pet does its business on the street, you have to clean after it. Just grab a couple of plastic bags and clean after your dog

• Your dog barks too much. Yes, dogs bark. They do this to inform you about the danger or scare off someone, who treats you. But sometimes dogs bark in abnormal amounts. Your neighbors do not have to suffer 24/7.

• You are not a leader for your dog. It is horrible to have an uncontrollable dog. Dumb and uncontrollable dogs pull their leashes, attack, and bark at other dogs or people.

• Your dog invades personal spaces of other people. Not every person is ready to pet your dog when it wants. Many of us dislike when dogs jump on us with their dirty paws and spoil our clothes. Teach your dog to behave in society.

• Your dog spoils things. Some dogs love to do this. They chew chair legs, footwear, and even your favorite plants. This kind of behavior may be caused by an excessive energy in your pet.

• You take your dog to inappropriate places. You can't go wherever you want with your dog. You will not be allowed to visit a restaurant with your pet, or take it on a board of the plane.

• Your dog misbehaves on a dog playground. Your dog has to tolerate the other dogs to play with them on a playground. If your pet shows an aggressive behavior, it has to be taken away from other dogs.

• You don't want to be responsible for your dog's actions. There are a variety of accidents that can happen because of your dogs. If your dog has done something bad, you have to take the responsibility for it. You have to be honest and admit your guilt.

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RU: Почему людям не нравится моя собака?
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