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Answer "How do I prevent my dog from sleeping on a sofa?"

How do I prevent my dog from sleeping on a sofa?

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We have all seen our pets trying to get on our sofas and beds. The puppy that accepts you as his parent will definitely try to copy your behavior, so it would be better to cut these attempts at the very beginning. Do not allow your puppy to do something you wouldn't allow a grown up to do.

The first thing you should do is permanently ban your dog from a sofa or bed. Second: build a convenient bed for your pet, so it could comfortably rest on the floor. When the puppy tries to climb on the sofa, say "No" and point to its new spot. If the puppy agrees, give it something tasty.

It is really hard to wean your dog to climb on the couch if you have a cat because they are often allowed to sleep on couches. It also happens that the bed of your pet is located somewhere outside the center of the house, so the dog may feel isolated and dislike it

If you can't explain your dog that it is not allowed to sleep on furniture, the only way is left – you can cover your couches with chairs, loud toys, and massive objects and do it every day. In a year or two, the dog will forget about its wish to sleep on the couch.

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