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Answer "Why does my dog eat flowers?"

Why does my dog eat flowers?

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Almost every owner has seen a situation when their loved pet tried to eat indoor or garden plants.

Why does my dog eat plants? This happens really often, in spring especially, when the lack of vitamins can be felt by both the owner and his dog. There is a popular opinion that the dog knows definitely, what plants can help it. Strong passion for certain herbs in dogs has been noticed a while ago.

The main reason for this kind of behavior is vitamin deficiency in dogs. All the wild predators eat their victims with hair and internal organs, many of which are used to become a "Cleaner" for their stomach and will be belched out later.

So, we can make a conclusion that these habits in our pets are pretty harmless, but if your pet does it too often, it may be a reason to think about its health. This obsession may be caused by liver issues or the lack of minerals and ferments. It would be a good idea to add some fruits and vegetables to its food.

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