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Answer "What are parasitic diseases in dogs?"

What are parasitic diseases in dogs?

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It is always sad, when the dog is sick, especially according to the fact that your furry pet cannot explain its feelings. So, you should always carefully watch the health of your dog in order to make sure that nothing bad is happening.

We always have a risk, especially when walking our dogs, that our pets can get infected with parasites, the existence of which can deliver a significant discomfort and pain.

All the parasitic diseases can be divided into four groups:

• Skin parasites.

• External bloodsucking parasites.

• Parasites of blood, intestines, lungs, liver and urinary tract.

• Abdominal.

The clinical condition of parasitic invasion may be different, but if you have noticed any strange symptoms, you should visit the veterinarian as soon as possible. Only an experienced veterinarian is able to diagnose invasion and prescribe the needed medication to deal with it. If your pet is infested with fleas, the doctor may prescribe a disinfection.

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