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Answer "How do I feed my Husky?"

How do I feed my Husky?

This "How do I feed my Husky?" answer for dog breed Siberian Husky was viewed by 4833 visitors.

Country of origin: Russia
Other names: Chukcha, Chuksha
Nicknames: Husky, Icee
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Siberian Husky feeding has some features, due to the unique metabolism in these dogs. These dogs do not eat much, but some of them tend to overeat. Huskies will easily digest foods that rich in protein. The majority of dogs has protein-carbohydrate metabolism when all the northern dogs have protein-fat metabolism type.

It is important to feed your dog right after a walk – it benefits the proper metabolism.

If you use dry food, it is recommended to use those with high protein concentration. Carefully read about all the products in this food. Substandard products can harm the health of the animal. Dry food feeding accompanied by lack liquids, so a bowl of clean water should always be full. The best option – is to feed your Husky with soaked food. Puppies require special food, so it would be a good idea to pick food aimed at puppies. Factory-made dog food of premium-class contains all the required vitamins and minerals.

If you want to feed your dog with natural products, the ration of Husky should include:

• Meat products: Beef, Rabbit. Do not feed your dog with forcemeat, due to the fact that it may cause a digestive disorder.

• Fish. Huskies love boiled sea fish.

• Vegetables should be estimated 20-30% of the whole ration of your Husky. Give your dog some boiled carrot, cabbage, pumpkin, and tomatoes.

• Chicken Eggs can also be given, but only once per week.

Answer for dog breed "Siberian Husky"

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