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Answer "Can I give cheese to my dog?"

Can I give cheese to my dog?

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Observant owners and correct ration are the main conditions of good health. The dog – is a frugivorous animal, but it also has to receive many other products, along with the fresh meat.

And yes, despite its natural origin, the dog is not able to receive all the necessary minerals from the piece of meat. It should also receive a good amount of Calcium. And cheese contains the biggest amount of calcium. You should still remember that cheese is a very fat and salty product. There are some cases when the cheese led to various allergies: indigestion, itching, and discomfort, so you should start this experiment with a small piece of cheese. This product has to be a treat and be given in really small amounts. For example, it may be a reward for good behavior.

Can I give my dog a gourmet cheese?

If we talk about the cheese with mold, it would be a better idea to eat it by yourself along with a glass of wine. The dog should receive the "simpler" cheese. Dogs love hard cheeses with a small amount of salt and fat.

So, can you give your dog cheese? If your dog is still happy and has a very shiny hair, it doesn’t have any allergies, so the cheese can be given in small amounts.

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