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Answer "Is it better to adopt male or female dog?"

Is it better to adopt male or female dog?

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Once you have chosen the breed, it is time to choose a gender of your future pet. It is a truly important moment, so you have to study all the pros and cons of this choice. You should take into account all the differences in a male's and female’s behavior. The most important difference between genders – is their behavior features.

We should also note that these gender differences depend on breed chosen. There are breeds with a really strong gender dimorphism in behavior and appearance of opposite gender individuals. There is also a huge difference in their physiology.


Psychologists say that the male dog will better fit the female owner. The female dog will better fit the male owner. So, it would be a better idea to give this choice to a person, who will have the main part of dog-related responsibilities.

Male Individuals.

Males have a wide range of various characteristics: their bravery and loyalty, endurance and tireless character. Many owners, who have the male dog, say that these pets made them happier and more active. But still, Males are incredibly stubborn and require a quite serious approach to their care.

Female Individuals.

Usually, females are more calm, friendly, and sensitive. They are more obedient and caring for their owner. They are more understanding and will easy adapt to any environment. Females also have a higher level of intelligence compared to male individual. But! They are way smarter (in its negative meaning) and self-sufficient.

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