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Answer "How do I deal with unpleasant pranks of my puppy?"

How do I deal with unpleasant pranks of my puppy?

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You should carefully think out all the aspects and responsibilities of adopting a puppy. However, if you are passionately waiting for this furry pet to appear in your home, there are no reasons to stop yourself from adopting your future friend. It would be a good idea to get some information in advance. At the beginning, you should understand, which surprises can be shown by your new pet. So, the puppy – is almost the same as a child is. It needs to eat, run, and have an access to a fresh air.

The puppies are busy with three things during the day: they sleep, eat, and play. When they are in their "atmosphere", puppies will roll, tumble and bite a little. When being left alone, the puppy will find a game for itself. It may start chewing everything that is reachable. Here is an advice from experienced dog owners: if you want to adopt a puppy, it would be a good idea to delay apartment renovation.

The best solution for this problem – is just trying to isolate your puppy from all the things that may be chewed. Your puppy will not be able to deal you material damage as well as will not be able to cut itself or even get poisoned. While our children are still young, we try to hide all the medications and jewelry. And our puppy is also a child, so we are responsible for it.

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