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Answer "Why is my dog hyperactive?"

Why is my dog hyperactive?

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What is hyperactivity in dogs? It is a kind of behavior, which is characterized by the inability of your puppy to control its emotions under various circumstances such as guests visiting your house, or the long way to some place of entertainment. Your dog may run, jump and roll, bark and ignore your commands.

Why does it happen? It may be a consequence of your wrong approach to training your puppy. It may also be caused by a significant lack of physical exercises that your dog needs. Dogs are often held in apartments, so this question becomes really sharp.

How do you solve it? You have to activate some breaking reflexes in your dog, the ones that we use when our pet executes our commands. Consequently, the better our pet knows a particular command, the easier it will be to control his temper. You should pay some attention to your pet's temperance.

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RU: Почему моя собака гиперактивна?
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