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Answer "How do I choose a guard dog?"

How do I choose a guard dog?

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If you own a house, you may want a guard dog. There are special breeds for these cases and they are called guard dogs. You should also understand the difference between the guard and bodyguard dogs. The first one will just notify you about the danger when the second one will be aimed to destroy it.

When choosing a guard dog, you have to remember that its size doesn't matter. There are other characteristics, which are more important: intelligence, loyalty, and a very loud voice. But it doesn't mean that your dog should bark without any reason. If you want your dog to meet all the requirements of a guard dog, it has to finish a special training course. In its daily routine, the guard dog should be friendly and calm.

When choosing a guard dog, you should also take into the consideration the fact that there may be children in your house. Some dogs are brave and strong, but sometimes unpredictable in their behavior – Rottweiler, for example. So it would be a good idea to pick a friendly dog for the houses with children.

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