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Answer "How do I walk a small dog?"

How do I walk a small dog?

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This article will explain some unspoken rules of walking small dogs. At the beginning, you should buy a collar and leash-roulette. These accessories have to be chosen by size in order to make your dog feel comfortable wearing it. You should still have an ability to put 2 your fingers under a collar to ensure it is not dangerous for your pet.

Where should we go? The place to walk your dog has to be located away from roads. The dog is recommended to be kept on a leash all the time. It is, to be honest, a rule for all the dogs, no matter their breed or size.

You should also choose friends for your dog in accordance with its size. Big dogs can traumatize a small one during their games. Before letting your dog play with another animal, it is recommended to ask its owner about its aggressiveness.

Small dogs can easily be trained, so we also recommend you to pay some attention to it. Active games – are not just about fun, but also about health and good physical condition and coordination. As well as large dogs, the small ones also recommended knowing basic commands such as: "Come", "No", "Sit", "Lay".

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RU: Как правильно выгуливать маленькую собаку?
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