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Answer "What kind of character does Lhasa Apso have?"

What kind of character does Lhasa Apso have?

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Country of origin: Tibet

Lhasa Apso has a royal appearance. It is more of a friend than a pet. They can often be a clown, but never be fool. The unique and stubborn character of Lhasa Apso requires the owner of this dog to have a huge patience and understanding, but still needs a strict discipline to be applied to it. Lhasa Apso is very calm and careful, but it treats strangers with a big part of mistrust.

Lhasa Apso is a small dog with a character of the big one. They see themselves as big and powerful predators. There is a saying: "When Lhasa looks at the mirror, it sees a lion". Maybe that is why these dogs are also called "Small lions". They will easily adapt to a new environment and regime. It is not recommended to take Lhasa in those families, which have children younger than 3 years old.

Answer for dog breed "Lhasa Apso"

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RU: Какой характер у лхаса апсо?
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