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Answer "Do staffordshire terriers have any breed diseases?"

Do staffordshire terriers have any breed diseases?

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Country of origin: United States
Nicknames: AmStaff
Height: 17.5 to 19 in (44 to 48 cm)[1]
Weight: should be in proportion with height

Despite the fact that Staffordshire Terriers have a very strong health, sometimes they are diagnosed with some hereditary diseases, which can have various symptoms - from the mild indisposition to a state which threatens the life of the dog.

Brachicefalia – Any breed with a short face (bulldog for example) is prone to respiratory diseases because of the short nasal passage. Sometimes, there are puppies with a cleft palate in the litter. Usually, they are not able to suck their mother, so they are doomed to death by starvation. Typically, these animals are euthanized. Some dogs are born with a long soft palate. In some complex cases, when your dog wheezes, has other respiratory disorders or difficulty in eating, surgical intervention is strongly recommended.

Congenital epilepsy – This disease starts at the age of 3-5 years and can be provoked by a trauma. It cannot be cured, but the condition of your pet can be controlled by medications.

Juvenile cataracts – Even though the cataract often starts in older dogs, the puppies of Staffordshire Terrier can also have it.

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RU: Есть ли у стаффордширских терьеров породные заболевания?
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