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Answer "Will french bulldog feel okay in my appartament?"

Will french bulldog feel okay in my appartament?

This "Will french bulldog feel okay in my appartament?" answer for dog breed French Bulldog was viewed by 5613 visitors.

Country of origin: England
Other names: Bouledogue Français
Nicknames: Frenchie

French Bulldogs can easily fit any, even the smallest, apartments and mansions. They feel comfortable in the middle of the city, or somewhere in the countryside. Whenever they are, these dogs need only one simple thing – a tight contact with the owner they love so much. According to the fact that these dogs do not tolerate heat and cold very well, it is not recommended to keep them outside. Your French Bulldogs will feel itself the happiest dog, when it helps its loved owner, enjoying their long walks and car rides.

French Bulldogs have an interesting feature – when someone took their favorite spot, they will just tirelessly look at him until their "victim" starts being nervous and leaves the spot. They do not bark, do not ask, they just look at you and it is strangely effective tactics to force a person to move from their favorite spot.

Answer for dog breed "French Bulldog"

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