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Answer "What kind of character does Shih Tzu have?"

What kind of character does Shih Tzu have?

This "What kind of character does Shih Tzu have?" answer for dog breed Shih Tzu was viewed by 5580 visitors.

Country of origin: China
Other names: Chinese Lion Dog, Chrysanthemum Dog
Height: Male
Weight: Male

One of the most recognizable features of ShihTzu is their character. These dogs are very friendly dogs, which never show an aggression towards children and other dogs. These dogs are popular because of their love of games and running around.

Shih Tzu's are strongly connected to their owners, and love of their "leader" is the most important thing in their lives. They will patiently sit with you, waiting for the moment, when you want to hug them. Shih Tzu's are not bound to their owners only, but they will be happy to have a chat with any stranger if he was accepted by a family. This is one of the first reasons that make this breed incredibly popular among dog lovers. Shih Tzu will always find a friend to play with, no matter where it is.

These dogs have a character of pet-dog. They love to lay in the corner for the whole day, snoring sweetly. But if Shih Tzu has a choice, it would prefer to curl up on your lap.

Answer for dog breed "Shih Tzu"

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