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Answer "What kind of character does Staffordshire Terrier have?"

What kind of character does Staffordshire Terrier have?

This "What kind of character does Staffordshire Terrier have?" answer for dog breed American Staffordshire Terrier was viewed by 5552 visitors.

Country of origin: United States
Nicknames: AmStaff
Height: 17.5 to 19 in (44 to 48 cm)[1]
Weight: should be in proportion with height

Despite the fact that all dog breeds are completely unique, there are some similarities in their characters. Staffordshire Terriers are brave, stubborn, curious, loyal, smart and active. They are fast and agile, sometimes really rude, but they will always protect their owner.

In their early ages, these dogs will try to eat anything they see, so you should think about buying various chewing toys if you don't want your furniture and shoes to get destroyed.

Many of Staffordshire Terriers, girls especially, become great guard dogs. Their strong body makes a terrifying impression that makes intruder forget about anything. They look very dangerous and can easily scare off any thief. But, compared to the rest of terriers, Staffordshire Terriers love humans the most.

These dogs love to be with their owners: go for long walks, ride a car, or just sit with you while you reading a book. They respect all the active actions. From morning until late at night they live fulfilling lives.

Answer for dog breed "American Staffordshire Terrier"

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