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Answer "What should I do with my dog if I am going for vacation?"

What should I do with my dog if I am going for vacation?

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There are special dog hotels. You can easily find one on the internet. But it is not recommended to blindly trust their advertisement. It would be a good idea to visit them and inspect the environment where they are going to keep your dog. Animals in these hotels should have food and some space to run around. Talk to the employees and read a couple of reviews on the internet.

You can trust the hotel that keeps itself completely clean in all the rooms and corners. Good hotels should also have a separate block with food and a bed for every animal.

If you have any relatives or friends, who are ready to feed and walk your dog, you have two options: they can visit your apartment or take your pet to theirs. The second option may not be liked by your pet. And even the most trained animal (under some stressful conditions) will forget about all the manners and start destroying furniture and pooping everywhere. But some pets can feel anxious at their own homes if their owner is not around. Everything is individual and depends on god's character only.

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RU: Что делать с собакой, если я уезжаю в отпуск?
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