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Answer "How do I treat dislocation in my dog?"

How do I treat dislocation in my dog?

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Musculoskeletal system diseases often cause a significant pain to dogs. In the case of dislocation your dog will start walking with a limp, or will stop using its injured limb at all.

What is a dislocation? It is a problem with congruency (complete correspondence of forms) of the articular surfaces of bones, which often happens under the influence of mechanical force (trauma) or destructive process (caused by a disease) in the joint. The dislocation in your dog can be congenital or acquired, but today we are going to talk about traumatic dislocations.

Often the dislocated paw will look shorter. The animal stops using its dislocated limb. There also may be a significant pain, when trying to move the limb. The dislocation can be only diagnosed on the basis of x-ray. It is not recommended to delay your visit to the vet, because this kind of traumas makes your dog suffer.

How do you treat a dislocation? It is often treated by joint reduction and stabilizing the bones, which are forming the joint. The joint is recommended to be fixed in order to restore the structure, which is responsible for its stability. Complete dislocation stability will come after 3-4 weeks.

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