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Answer "How do I treat pneumonia in my dog?"

How do I treat pneumonia in my dog?

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Pneumonia – is a disease that develops inflammation in lung tissues. This disease hides a significant danger to a dog's health, so it is not recommended to delay its treatment. In most cases, the primary cause of pneumonia is an infection in the body of the dog.

Symptoms and causes of pneumonia. Complications.

Bacterial pneumonia in dogs is followed by a rapid temperature increase and weakness with a short breath. This kind of pneumonia is also followed by a wet cough and noises in bronchi. Aspiration pneumonia is caused by a liquid in the dog's lungs. It often happens in drowning animals or in those with neural diseases. This condition can be treated by removing the liquid from the lungs. Septic and thromboembolic pneumonias are really rare. They occur in dogs because of bacteria inside the lungs (after undergoing an operation or serious disease). Parasitic pneumonia in dogs is connected with an extensive bronchial invasion. Parasitic lesion of the respiratory tract – is also a very rare disease that can be found in weakened and young home pets. Uremic pneumonia is followed by lung inflammation and infection development.

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RU: Как лечить пневмонию у собак?
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