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Answer "Why my dog chews everything?"

Why my dog chews everything?

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Puppies love to chew everything they can reach. Those funny jokes from the internet became your reality – this small chewing machine cannot be stopped. It is a very hard task to stop your dog from chewing everything, but his training will become incredibly useful part of your dog’s life.

First of all, you have to understand that chewing – is just a simple natural instinct. There is a variety of artificial bones to satisfy this need. These bones will occupy the mouth of your dog for a long time. They are also completely harmless and contain a lot of useful microelements.

If this tasty bone does not stop your small chewing machine from destroying your footwear, it is necessary to apply some radical methods. At the start, it is absolutely recommended to hide all the expensive and valuable items to minimize the damage. Put your footwear as high as it is possible to make your puppy unable to reach it. Then you should start the training. The first command you should train your dog is "No". This command has to be used only during "the crime". When you see your puppy chewing something, you should just say "NO" and slowly take that object away. After a couple of dozens of such operations, the dog will easily stop chewing anything, when you tell it to stop. You can also cover these "Chewable" items with something sour to make them less "tasty" for the puppy.

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