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Answer "Which dogs are called naked?"

Which dogs are called naked?

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The origin of the naked dogs is covered with mysteries and legends. These dogs have been famous in hot regions for a long time. The stories that mention these naked dogs can be found everywhere, except Australia.

The science was not able to determine if these dogs came from some geographically distant regions, or these breeds are just siblings of the known ones. Most likely, the Chinese and American breeds do not have any connection to any known breeds and have been developing independently – their spread is too significant to be a part of any other breed – these dogs are known everywhere from Mexico to China. Their appearance is so unique and interesting, so you start thinking about magical abilities of these dogs.

The first reason of a complete hair loss is considered to be extremely high temperatures. All the naked dogs do not have any hair at all, or have some small "bush" on their heads. Unlike the regular dogs, sweating glands are located everywhere over the body of naked dogs, so they do not loll out their tongues when it is hot outside.

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RU: Каких собак называют голыми?
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