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Answer "What water should I give my dog?"

What water should I give my dog?

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Unfortunately, many dog owners still give their pets a tap water, without really caring about its contents. As it known, the tap water in our world is not very clean to be safe to drink. It often contains a very high arsenic concentration, which is quite dangerous. Continuous consuming of this water may start slowly destroying the internal organs of your dog – its liver and kidneys. Tap water also often contains high dosages of iron, chlorine, and fluorine, which provokes cancer and heart diseases in dogs in humans.

The safe water to drink for your dog is the same water that you drink. It can be water that has been cleaned with special filters that remove all the harmful impurities and chemical compounds. Water filtering should include iron filtering, the high amounts of which provoke dehydration in dogs.

You should be careful when choosing water for your dog because not all the manufactures pay much attention to manufacturing standards. It is recommended to carefully read the labels in order to make sure that the water was taken from a reliable source.

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RU: Какой водой следует поить мою собаку?
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