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Answer "Which breeds do not smell?"

Which breeds do not smell?

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Many of future dog owners want to have a pet that does not smell. Let's try to figure out, which breeds are considered to be the "least smelly".

Naked breeds. These dogs do not have hair at all, so they do not have the small that is connected with it. But, owning a naked dog brings you a lot of troubles such as skin care that includes depilation and clothes.

Breeds without undercoat. The most popular breed of this category is a Yorkshire Terrier. The structure of its hair looks almost the same as in humans. It doesn't have an undercoat, which means it does not smell. However, this kind of hair has to be washed at least once per week using various shampoos and conditioners.

Poodles. The Poodle has an undercoat (which smells), but the regular bathing and hair care will make this dog completely "Smell-less"

Health condition also influences the smell of your pet. A healthy dog doesn't smell at all. But if your pet has some health issues, the smell will become stronger or even annoying. Digestive problems, skin diseases, dental diseases – all these problems will make your dog smell.

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