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Answer "What should I do if my dog smells?"

What should I do if my dog smells?

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Some people are not ready for the fact that all the dogs have a smell, which is very hard, or even impossible to remove. You can easily notice this smell that every dog has. If you have one in your house, there is no way to deal with it. Of course, the "strength" of this smell also depends on the breed.

It is worth to note that male dogs have a stronger smell because they mark their territory, which gives them an ability to show their rivals, who is the owner of this area. At times of various dangers or stressful situations, the dogs often emit the smell. Female dogs have a less distinguishable smell.

Despite the fact that dogs do not sweat as we do, they have some glands on their noses, ears, and paws that emit unpleasant odors and allow dogs to interact with each other.

There are dogs that have a strong smell: Bulldogs and hounds. Basenji, Chinese Crested Dog, Maltese Dogs and Huskies do not smell at all. However, it may also depend on your sense of smell.

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RU: Что делать, если моя собака пахнет?
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