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Answer "How do I treat blind dog?"

How do I treat blind dog?

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Blindness in dogs can be caused by various reasons – it may be a consequence of trauma, sickness, or age. Often dogs become blind due to their genetic characteristics. Often you may not even realize that your dog is completely blind until it is placed in a completely inconvenient and new environment. It means that sight is not the most important aspect of dog's life. Your pet can compensate it with other senses. But, of course, there are rules about looking after a blind dog and you should know about them.

Blind dogs can be really different in their characters and temperaments. It depends on age, size, and constitution of your dog. Of course, the blind dog has to be protected from various dangers. Carefully and slowly make up a plan of actions and remove all the dangerous items that can traumatize your pet. It would be a good idea to just remove them. You should also check your fence for holes, which can be used by your dog to sneak out. There should not be any fireplaces, deep waters, heating elements, and stairs.

All the toys bought for the dog with sight diseases have to be "noisy" and "fragrant". The blind dog should be able to easily find them without sight. A bell, noisy toy, or fragrant bone will become amazing entertainment for your dog.

It is recommended to walk your blind dog on a leash ONLY. It should also have a collar with the badge with the information about your contact address and dog's health. For the case, when your dog is lost, this kind of badge will be extremely useful to find it.

Please remember: if something tragic has happened and your dog is lost, you should start searching for is as soon as possible. It will not be able to survive without your help. A blind dog can be hit by a car, or just killed by homeless dogs.

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