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Answer "How to understand that my dog has a cold?"

How to understand that my dog has a cold?

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Animals cannot express their bad feeling. However, they are also prone to colds, as well as we are. How do you understand that your pet is about to get sick or already has a cold?

If your loved pet has lost its appetite – it is a first sign that something bad is going on. The second sign – is a dry and hot nose. The animal can suddenly begin to shiver, cough and sneeze, drink a lot and behave anxiously. The dog loses its ability to bark, starts choking and coughing.


You should treat your sick animal with warmth: Cover your pet with a blanket and turn on the heater next to the bed of your dog. You can also give it heated milk, chicken or fish soup. If your dog has a strong cold, it is recommended to use special medications: antiinflammatories, immunomodulators, antibiotics, and vitamins. But only a veterinarian is allowed to choose and prescribe them.

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