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Answer "Does my dog need obedience course?"

Does my dog need obedience course?

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It is wrong to say that German Shepherds and American Staffordshire Terriers need general obedience course and Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds do not. Of course, this kind of training is more important for service and guard dogs, but the dogs from medium and small breeds should also know and follow rules. It would be correct to say that this course is necessary for those owners, who want to have a good connection with their pet.

You should start training your dog from its very first days of life. The course itself is recommended to attend starting at 7 months. Dogs that are older than 1 year are allowed to pass the exam and receive a diploma. There is no maximum age to attend this course, but the earlier you start, the more qualitative and fast result you get.

What does this course include?

Relationship with the muzzle.

Free states of psychology.

Relationship with food and "No" command.

"Sic" command.

"Come" command.

"Stay", “Sit”, “Lay down” commands.

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RU: Нужен ли моей собаке курс дрессировки?
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