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Answer "Does my dog need a bone?"

Does my dog need a bone?

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Scientists, veterinarians, and breeders still argue about the benefits and harming factors of bones.

There is an opinion that bones contain various useful microelements but still, can infect your loved pet with foodborne pathogens such as salmonella and e-coll. There is another danger for dogs that eat bones – the ability to injure the stomach and intestines. The bones are softened but not fully digested, so they can injure the mucous membrane in its path. Big bones and their shards can also stick in the dog's gut, so the surgery may be needed to remove them.

But, it is also known that raw bones are a very rich source of calcium and phosphorus. But many veterinarians still advise the owners give their dogs artificial bones only. They help to prevent caries and other dental diseases. They are not that hard as real bones are, so they just softly clean dog's teeth. Moreover, they are created using various vitamins. So, these "dog bones" will also help to strengthen the immune system of the dog.

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