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Answer "How do I bathe my Shi Tzu puppy?"

How do I bathe my Shi Tzu puppy

This "How do I bathe my Shi Tzu puppy?" answer for dog breed Shih Tzu was viewed by 6254 visitors.

Country of origin: China
Other names: Chinese Lion Dog, Chrysanthemum Dog
Height: Male
Weight: Male

There is a variety of shampoos and conditioners to bathe your loved pets. A small towel on the bottom of the sink will prevent the paws of your puppy from slipping.

When carefully holding your puppy with one arm, wet its body with warm tap water, and then apply a shampoo and carefully rinse it. Head is recommended to be washed last. Carefully wet it with a sponge and wash with tearless shampoo. Do not let the water to get into the nose. Then, wrap your puppy in a towel for a couple of minutes to absorb the excess water. It is recommended to dry your puppy under a warm jet of the dryer. If it is shaking, it is more likely comes from the fact that it is nervous, but not from the cold.

Answer for dog breed "Shih Tzu"

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