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Answer "Why should I choose Papillon?"

Why should I choose Papillon?

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Country of origin: Spain, Belgium, France

Papilion – is a small and fragile dog. The size of exhibition exemplars is around 20-28 cm; their weight is around 2 kg. Papilions are still amazing dogs to have at home. They can be easily trained. Their soft and warm hair does not require any special treatment. They do not shed and do not smell. They will easily fit both small apartments and large cottages. Some of these dogs love to catch mice.

In general, Papilions are very happy dogs, which love to be around people. They can't be called nervous, easily excitable or fearful. Papillon is very small, but despite this, they are not aware of their vulnerability. They love to jump, but a little puppy should not be allowed to do it. You should also not allow young children to squeeze your dog in their arms because they can drop it. This is why some breeders do not give puppies in those families, which have small children.

Answer for dog breed "Papillon"

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RU: Почему мне стоит завести Папильона?
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