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Answer "Will bearded collie fit my family?"

Will bearded collie fit my family?

This "Will bearded collie fit my family?" answer for dog breed Bearded Collie was viewed by 5889 visitors.

Country of origin: Scotland
Other names: Highland Collie, Mountain Collie, Hairy Mou'ed Collie, Argle Bargle
Nicknames: Beardie
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Bearded Collies have always been side by side with a human and his family. These dogs just hate to be left alone – they require constant concoct with their loved owner.

Bearded Collies – are very energetic dogs that love to jump and kiss their owner. They love young children and elder people. Some dogs, which have their herding instinct developed too much in them, can even "Herd" the children of their owner and may slightly bite their ankles when they disperse in different directions. Thus, the dog tries to collect them all together (in a "herd"). This kind of behavior has to be stopped in a young dog, or it can become a habit.

Some dogs of this breed can be really loud. Bearded Collies are often used as "tailed" doctors to make hospital patients happier.

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RU: Подойдет ли моей семье Бородатый Колли?
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