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Answer "Will rottweiler fit my personality?"

Will rottweiler fit my personality?

This "Will rottweiler fit my personality?" answer for dog breed Rottweiler was viewed by 4883 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany

In the modern world, Rottweilers are often used as guards. The last few years made Rottweiler one of the most popular breeds. But resist the urge to buy one for yourself only because your neighbor or sister has it.

Rottweiler – is a massive and powerful dog, so having one in your house requires you to show a huge responsibility. From its very first days, the puppy of Rottweiler should be socialized. Will you agree to carry your puppy around for a couple of months to make it feel comfortable among people? Your puppy also has to finish the basic behavioral course.

Rottweilers are very loyal. They always need to have their owner around.

This breed needs significant physical exercises at least two times a day. You can easily develop destructive behavior in your dog by leaving it alone for a long time.

Answer for dog breed "Rottweiler"

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RU: Подойдет ли мне Роттвейлер?
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