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Answer "Does Rottweiler have any breed diseases?"

Does Rottweiler have any breed diseases?

This "Does Rottweiler have any breed diseases?" answer for dog breed Rottweiler was viewed by 4430 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany

Despite their strong visual look, Rottweilers are still very vulnerable for some diseases. Here is the list of the most common diseases in Rottweilers:

Abdominal distention (volvulus).





Retinal atrophy (progressing form).


Rottweilers are also pretty vulnerable to:

Diseases of the nervous system.

Kidney Diseases.

Tumors of the skin.

Aortic Stenosis.

Atlantoaxial instability (congenital spine pathology).

Congenital hypotrichosis (alopecia).

Answer for dog breed "Rottweiler"

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RU: Какие породные заболевания ротвейлеров?
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