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Answer "How do I train my Great Dane?"

How do I train my Great Dane?

This "How do I train my Great Dane?" answer for dog breed Great Dane was viewed by 4325 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany
Other names: Grand Danois (18th century French: 'Great Dane' the modern French is Dogue Allemand ("German Mastiff")., Deutsche Dogge ('German Mastiff'), Dänische Dogge ('Danish Mastiff')[1]
Nicknames: Dane, Gentle Giant

Due to their large size, these dogs can be very dangerous. The puppies of Great Dane should be trained and socialized starting from the age of three months. They are still very susceptible and relatively small, which allows you cope with them.

For your own security, security of strangers and other dogs, you have to train your dog not to bite no matter what happens (even in a game) and do not jump on people. These dogs have to know at least 5 commands of behavioral course: Come, Sit, Lie, Stay and Go.

Great Danes are very sensitive dogs, so all the training is recommended to be performed using only positive motivation.

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