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Answer "Do labradors need any specific care?"

Do labradors need any specific care?

This "Do labradors need any specific care?" answer for dog breed Labrador Retriever was viewed by 4104 visitors.

Country of origin: Canada, England

To keep your Labrador clean, it is recommended to comb it out at least once per week. It will also help you to keep shedding process under control. Slices Brushes will greatly fit this task.

Labradors, the same as the rest of dogs, need their claws to be cut regularly. You should buy special claw pliers, and your veterinarian will show you how to use them. Labradors do not need to be bathed regularly. Their hair doesn't need much care.

Real bath wish shampoo should be used only when your dog smells. It is not recommended to bathe your dogs with shampoo too often because this kind of shampoo removes the natural fat from the dog's hair, which is not very harmless, because this fat reflects dirt and water.

Answer for dog breed "Labrador Retriever"

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RU: Нужен ли лабрадорам специальный уход?
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