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Answer "Why my dog eats rocks?"

Why my dog eats rocks?

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It is very hard to teach your dog not to eat rocks and other inedible things. There is no fault of your dog, so criticizing it will not give any result. Dogs are tending to eat many strange things such as their own feces. Despite the fact that it is not a pleasure to watch it, it is pretty normal behavior.

But sometimes dogs try to eat inorganic substances, which are known to be not digested. Rocks are one of the examples of inedible objects that dogs eat. This kind of behavior is called dysorexia (which means the dog's need for non-food products).

Chewing rocks can be dangerous for teeth of young dogs and soft tissues in the mouth. It can lead do diarrhea and intestinal obstruction. Your dog can even suffocate if the rock is too big to pass through its throat.

If you see your dog eating rocks, you can scare it with loud noise or water pistol. Praise your dog, when it stops eating inedible objects. The veterinarian can also prescribe your dog some medication to treat dysorexia. He can also recommend you to visit a dog psychologist to find a solution for this problem.

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