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Answer "Why should I crop ears and dock tail of my dog?"

Why should I crop ears and dock tail of my dog?

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Tail docking – is a procedure when tail, or its part, is being removed. The same definition can also be applied to ear cropping. Tail docking is performed in the first three days after birth. Ear cropping can be done in different ages, but it is often performed at the age of 4 months. Some people think that puppies with cropped tails have coordination problems.

This operation has been invented hundreds of years ago, where the ears and tails of dogs were cropped to increase their "immortality" against their possible enemies – dogs and other animals. Docked tails and cropped ears are breed standard requirements from some breeds. But cropping is banned completely in the UK, Australia, and many European countries. There are no useful aspects of cropping today.

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RU: Почему я должен купировать уши и хвост своей собаки?
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