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Answer "Will Australian shepherd fit my personality?"

Will Australian shepherd fit my personality?

This "Will Australian shepherd fit my personality?" answer for dog breed Australian Shepherd was viewed by 3985 visitors.

Country of origin: United States
Nicknames: Aussie or little blue dog
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Australian Shepherds are completely universal: they are amazing service dogs, very smart animals, and great family members. They try very hard to achieve a love of their owner, which makes them talented students and loyal friends. They behave very calm when the strangers are around and never show any kind of aggression or anxiety.

With the help of its strong territorial instinct, Australian Shepherd will try to protect its owner and his house. These dogs love children and become their babysitters with a huge passion.

This breed does not require any mansion to live in, but they still need regular physical exercises. Australian Shepherds love to play with balls and play Frisbee. If there is a lake nearby – it will be very hard to keep them away from swimming.

Answer for dog breed "Australian Shepherd"

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