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Answer "How do I feed my rottweiler?"

How do I feed my rottweiler?

This "How do I feed my rottweiler?" answer for dog breed Rottweiler was viewed by 4885 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany

All the Rottweilers are recommended to be fed two times per day, excluding the puppies younger than 6 months. It would be better to feed your puppy three times per day. Many famous breeders prefer using only dry dog food, adhering to the rule that prohibits the mixing of food types. But, there is also an opinion that says that it is not acceptable to feed your dog with dry food only, so you should add some natural products, which were cooked in a special way: cereals, vegetables, cottage cheese, and meat.

At the morning and evening, the Rottweiler should receive dry food (portion in accordance with its weight and age), rice porridge with vegetables (such as pumpkin, onion, cabbage, and carrot) and well-boiled meat. For the dinner, it is recommended to give some dry food mixed with cottage cheese and porridge.

Answer for dog breed "Rottweiler"

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RU: Как нужно кормить ротвейлера?
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