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Answer "What kind of character does leonberger have?"

What kind of character does leonberger have?

This "What kind of character does leonberger have?" answer for dog breed Leonberger was viewed by 4012 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany

Noble, strong and gentle – is the best description of the breed called Leonberger. Perfect Leonberger is like a nanny – big, soft, and warm, who protects and supports. These dogs are popular because of their balanced character. They are always calm and patient, even when a complete chaos surrounds them.

Leonbergers are great guard dogs that will never bark without a significant reason. Their barking would be enough to scare off any unwanted guest.

Leonbergers are very big dogs, so some people are afraid of them because of their size. Fear and aggression from a stranger may launch natural instincts of this dog. A Huge dog can also deal a significant damage by jumping on someone when trying to play. When you take Leonberger to your home, it is strongly recommended to attend and finish behavioral and basic training courses.

Answer for dog breed "Leonberger"

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RU: Какой характер у леонбергеров?
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