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Answer "Is English Mastiff a good guard?"

Is English Mastiff a good guard?

This "Is English Mastiff a good guard?" answer for dog breed English Mastiff was viewed by 5664 visitors.

Country of origin: England
Other names: Mastiff, Old English Mastiff
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Mastiffs are amazing guards. Their loud voice and impressive size can scare anyone, even though these dogs are not aggressive by their nature. English Mastiffs require a friendly relationship with a human even more than all the breeds. If you leave this dog alone for a long time, it may have significant behavioral problems.

If an English Mastiff does not spend enough time with its family, it will not protect it, because it is not its "pack". Good Mastiff will protect its family when it is necessary. You do not have to even guess that you are under its protection, as long as there is not a critical situation.

Answer for dog breed "English Mastiff"

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RU: Будет ли английский мастифф хорошим сторожем?
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