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Answer "What kind of character does greyhound have?"

What kind of character does greyhound have?

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Other names: English greyhound
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Greyhounds have a very kind and calm character. They are oriented to live in packs, so their owners can easily be accepted in this community. In order to make greyhounds able to participate in races and hunts, breeders have completely eliminated the aggression from this breed.

Many of greyhounds have a very strong hunting instinct (which is the most important part in dog races), so they will not fit any apartment, where the other animals are living. Their high intelligence gives them a possibility to be trained just rapidly.

Greyhounds accept children very well, especially if they grow up together. Of course, patience always has its limits.

Even though Greyhounds are considered to be the fastest breed, they are not very hardy. And that is why they need less physical exercises compared to other breeds.

Answer for dog breed "Greyhound"

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