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Answer "What kind of character does jack russell terrier have?"

What kind of character does jack russell terrier have?

This "What kind of character does jack russell terrier have?" answer for dog breed Jack Russell Terrier was viewed by 4295 visitors.

Country of origin: England

Jack Russell Terrier – is a very cheerful, energetic, and brave dog. They are very smart and loyal to their owner. These amazing companions are also great workers. They are natural-born hunters. Inexperienced owners sometimes feel hard to live together with these dogs, because they become uncontrollable sometimes. Despite the fact that this dog can adapt to the lifestyle of the owner, its main mission is still hunting.

The fur of Jack Russell Terrier can be smooth, hard, or "broken". All the dogs shed, but short-haired ones shed even more. These dogs tolerate any kind of climate, even pretty cold. But, if the temperature drops below 5 degrees, it is recommended to dress your dog.

The body of Jack Russell Terrier is compact and muscular. The tail is short and has to be in vertical position when the dog moves. If the tail is docked, the tip of it should be on the level of the fold line of the ears.

Answer for dog breed "Jack Russell Terrier"

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RU: Какой характер у Джек Рассел терьера?
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