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Answer "Should I train my pharaoh hound?"

Should I train my pharaoh hound?

This "Should I train my pharaoh hound?" answer for dog breed Pharaoh Hound was viewed by 4102 visitors.

Country of origin: Malta

Pharaoh Hounds are Hounds, so they will apply a great effort to trick you. You will never be able to force your dog to do something it doesn't want. They have their own opinion about everything.

If you have a good sense of humor along with royal patience, then you will be able to teach your dog. They never forget something they have learned. The same can be said about their habits. If you see that certain habits of your puppy may complicate your life in the future, you should immediately deal with it.

It will be easy to toilet-train your Pharaoh Hound, due to their natural cleanliness. They clean their fur in the same ways that cats do, so this breed doesn't smell at all. Pharaoh Hound should always have an alpha-leader, and if it does not feel you to be one, you can be sure that it will try to subjugate you and become the leader itself.

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RU: Нужно ли дрессировать Фараонову собаку?
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